Elati, or 'Tyrna' as the locals call it is one of the prettiest villages in the prefecture of Trikala. Elati is literally immersed in the pine forest of Koziakas mountain in an altitude of 950 meters. The residents totaling about 800 people reach up to 5000 on weekends due to visitors, especially once the first snow falls.

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The natural landscape of Elati changes depending on the season you arive. In the spring, everything is blooming, everything is born, everything get a colorful figure and smells of plants are scattered throughout the village. The summer nights are cool to the point that one needs a blanket for the night sleep. Here the landscape is getting greener as more flowers slowly take the road to autumn.

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The autumn colors are hazy but romantic and leave you with a sense of nostalgia for the green. Leaves from plane trees, apple trees, chestnut trees and many other are fallen onto the streets. A sweet melancholy falls into the hearts like the autumn rains, until the first snowflakes fall.

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In winter Elati wears its finest. Everything is white except for the bright blue sky that covers the mountains and forest. The fireplaces are on fire and the scent of burning wood is the flavor of the entire village.